Jonathan Persson (med Nicolas Hammar). | Vinnare vid UU GGC2022 Jury Spotlight for Academic Excellence: Väsen (3rd year project).

Walking home studios

Irma Andersson, 3D Artist, Animator, Shader Artist | Jonathan Persson, Game Design and Programming | med flera. | Vinnare UU GGC2022; Award for Excellence in Genre


Walking Home Studios is an open world tower defence -game with a mix of roguelike elements. Players move their base on a hex grid, and power up their towers through items and upgrades found around the world.

Adventure through the world, and discover what there is to find...


med Frida Björnfot – Art Direction, VFX & Rendering. | Vinnare UU GGC2021 Best in show, Best game feel, Best level design, Best presentation. och Steam


Marcus Otterström, Frida Björnfot


Marcus, Frida, Daniel och Irma

@marcus-otterstrom Programming + countdown & celebration noises
@grommit Programming + button & celebration noises
@humnyn Menu, insects, obstacles, cursor, and background art
@mirriu Log, fire, and tutorial art + animations & rigging + particle effects

Death making a living

Marcus Otterström, Frida Björnfot

The Road

Lizzy Gidlund


Marcus Otterström