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White Soot, Emanuel Burwick

ESM18. Singer-songwriter. Pieces of an Abstract Puzzle, debutalbum från 2021. White Soot creates a space of soothing prog inspired alt-rock sounds accompanied by plenty of explorative ideas in both instrumentals and lyrics.


Philip Hjelmstedt

ESM17. Jazziga poplåtar med delar av rap. Bara en sån sak! Samarbetat med flera av våra andra artister; som Bea, Marielle, AunA.


Auna, Angelina Larsson

ESM17. AunA was born and raised in a small town in Sweden. At the age of 10 she started her music journey by learning to play the piano. Some years went on, the guitar was added and she started to sing. A few heartbreaks later she finally wrote her first song which opened up the doors to her next song, next, next and next. 
 AunA is mainly influenced by pop but also rock. As a kid, her family blasted Bruce Springsteen and Whitesnake which got her into rock. And the love for pop grew because of the simplicity but yet the complexity in the music. Welcome to her world of lyrics and melodies!



Metal. Vinnare av Imagine Upplands regionfinal 2020. Pythagora is a metal band formed in Uppsala, Sweden 2017. The Band was originally formed by Elias Dahl (Bass, Vocals), Benjamin Gjerdingen (Lead Vocals), Philip Hjelmstedt (Guitar) and Nils Wennström (Drums) at Uppsala estetiska gymnasium. Later on Leon Öhman joined as their second Guitarist and Vocalist. Their debut single My War was released on December 22nd 2018 and on the 12th of April 2019 they released their EP Meant to Fall. photo | Felix Wedjesjö.



Katarr, Svante Lundkvist

Esm18. Grindcore, soloprojekt. Katarr is the brainchild of Svante Lundkvist. Taking great inspiration from grindcore heavyweights Pig Destroyer, Nasum and Napalm Death. He creates hard hitting deathgrind with a strong focus on storytelling and expressive lyricism. Pig by the Trough, a concept album in three movements, arrived in the end of 2020.

foto | alva lindgren 


Noodles for My Poodles

Anton Tallroth & Leo Högberg. Gymnasiearbete åk3.



Skottsäker häst

Philip Hjelmstedts gymnasiearbete åk3. Blood sweat and oil from the fields of Sweden, Skottsäker Häst is one of the most promising farming inspired acts in the death core scene. Exploring many diverse moods and atmospheres, Skottsäker Häst has since 2019 released 2 albums, 15 music videos. With their third album to come they promise to keep providing the listener with an experience that is both hard-hitting and catchy. Their uncompromising unique approach and sheer tenacity leaves you a band that takes absolutely no prisoners. 
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Linn Bohlin & Frida Herlin